Thursday, April 27, 2006

Modern Literature

Modern Literature

Modern literature is usually a name given to literary texts that were produced during 1890-1950's. The differences of modern literature characteristics from classics, and medieval, are found in rational -emperical mode of production and the way of seeing human existance. Human being for modern writers are very absurd and difficult to understand. If the classics of European were characterized by mythological stories and heroics, the mediaval stories od daily lifes were full of oral transmittion into written mode of production, while modern stories are about loneliness, individualism, and industrial environment, as weel as unpredictable life. (see Samual Becket, Martin Esslin, to know more).

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Modern Culture & Pop Culture

Modern Culture & Pop Culture
You have question about modern culture and Pop culture.
What is modern style ?
What is modern man ?
What modern culture ?

Modern refers to rational thinking, industrial, homo faber, tool making and tool using man. European industrial society from 20 th, has effected the world view, the way of doing , the way of communicating. From machine Age to virtual reality ( computer mediated media) was the evolution , culture changes, or some even calle the revolution of communication technology. In Europe and USA many philosophers discuss the effect of ICT revolution and globalization, ICT and mass consumerism, ICT and market, ICT and managers behaviors. Mc Luhan, Harold Innis, Frederic Jameson, Frankfurt school, ect.

Modern style is the only a name given to contrast traditional or primitive style. It discuses more deeply about behaviour, pop culture, fashion, literature. Modern style requires a person to wear the very cosmopolitant appearance; use cell phone, teleconference, fax, multimedia communication, driving a car, work in modern huge expensive building.